MojiaBio is committed to addressing the challenges posed by climate change, a growing world population, deglobalization and food shortage. Our innovative approach represents a more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible alternative to traditional methods. Our goal is to offer innovative biomanufacturing solutions for agro-food chemicals and bio-based materials that could be co-localized with consumptions, use non-food feedstocks, and are economical.

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Viridimin® B5 is produced using a gentle biological method that eliminates the need for high-temperature and high-pressure processes, commonly used in traditional production.

The Aliphane® series of bio-based polymer products can be widely used in the coatings and adhesives industry.

According to a third-party Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analysis, Aliphane® can have a substantial positive impact on the environment. It has been estimated that raw material use to produce 400 KT Aliphane® can lead to a reduction of oil consumption by over 7 million barrels per year, or reducing greenhouse gas emissions from 500,000 vehicles per year, or reducing electricity consumption of nearly 1,000,000 households per year. In addition, the environmental benefits of Aliphane® can also be compared to planting 40 million trees over a 10-year period. (*)

Aliphane ®

40,000,000 TREES OVER

Achieving the goal of green manufacturing requires a commitment to sustainability at every level of the organization. By taking a holistic approach and implementing sustainable practices throughout the entire manufacturing process, we can reduce our environmental impact and help to create a more sustainable future.