PR Manager


1.Implement brand communication strategies based on company strategy and brand positioning to enhance the visibility and influence of the company and its products.

2. Establish and maintain good relationships with government and media, organize and implement press release activities, and coordinate external relations.

3. Assist superiors in formulating daily communication plans, and supervise the effectiveness of media publicity.

4. Responsible for updating and maintaining the enterprise brand database (brochures, promotional videos, image libraries, etc.).

5. Responsible for maintaining and disseminating information through various external communication channels of the enterprise (WeChat accounts, Weibo, official website, etc.).

6. Develop various public relations activity plans, organize and coordinate resources from various departments to promote the implementation of the plans, ensure timely completion within budget, and achieve corresponding publicity goals.

7. Support the planning and execution of company brand and cross-departmental special public relations activities, organize relevant media events.

8. Analyze the publicity effect based on feedback from communication execution, and provide references for future communication work.

9. Collect and organize documents, and establish company publicity archives.

10. Able to effectively handle and manage relationships with third-party agencies, including management of investor relations.

11. Other tasks assigned by superiors.


1. Bachelor's degree or above, preferably in fields such as public relations, journalism, communication, or marketing.

2. More than 5 years of experience in public relations, media, and planning, with certain resources in government and media relations.

3. Professional Knowledge/Core Skills/General Abilities:

- Have a deep understanding of concepts such as government public relations and have unique insights at the execution level.

- Possess strong market awareness, active thinking, and can plan and organize relevant activities according to business needs.

- Have strong writing skills and textual comprehension, familiar with various writing modes.

- Demonstrate strong execution ability, can coordinate resources to complete plans and make evaluations.

- Proficient in internal and external communication, excellent teamwork skills.

- Have a good learning ability, able to handle multitasking, and possess strong stress resistance.

- Can coordinate resources to complete plans and make evaluations effectively.