1. Provide preliminary forecasts for project phases in alignment with the company's development strategy, organize prioritization assessments for R&D and industrialization projects, and make judgments on business opportunities. Lead the initiation of projects.

2. Responsible for comprehensive planning of management plans and objectives for all company projects. Organize progress management, risk management, and internal and external communication management to ensure standardized project management.

3. Lead project teams in effectively managing projects throughout their lifecycle, including scope, schedule, quality, changes, costs, and risks. Conduct regular reviews and update lifecycle management charts.

4. Conduct regular phase reviews and retrospectives, report project progress to company leadership regularly, respond to inquiries about project management, and record and implement relevant improvement measures.

5. Organize review activities for project closure or termination to ensure timely and complete project delivery or termination.

6. Ensure timely delivery and control of documents at each stage of the project.

7. When necessary, present relevant outcomes to Mugha's board members, investors, industry and academic partners, and the public, and collaborate with them.


1. Bachelor's degree or above in chemistry, chemical engineering, materials, or related fields.

2. Over 10 years of experience in chemical, pharmaceutical, or materials industries, with at least 5 years of project management experience. Proficient in project planning processes and full lifecycle management.

3. Comprehensive knowledge in chemistry, research and development management, engineering construction, finance, etc.

4. Excellent communication, negotiation, and presentation skills, as well as patience and determination in problem-solving.

5. Demonstrated leadership across functional and geographical teams.

6. Proficient in using project management tools such as Project/SmartSheet, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.

7. Fluent in spoken and written English.