MojiaBio Held Industrial Biomanufacturing Day, Unveiling Path to Sustainable Bio Manufacturing

Singapore, June 15, 2023 - MojiaBio, a leader in sustainable biomanufacturing, successfully hosted an Industrial Biomanufacturing Day themed "Breakthroughs, Frontiers, and New Paradigms", which reached across multiple market sectors and geographical regions. Held in Singapore, this momentous occasion brought together thought leaders from the government, academia, research institutions, investment community, and biotech industry around the globe. Together, they charted a sustainable path forward for the bio-based manufacturing revolution.


Recognizing the transformative potential of biomanufacturing in revolutionizing the production of commodities, materials, and chemicals, the event featured constructive discussions and profound insights shared by industry experts. These discussions focused on overcoming technological and commercialization challenges that the flourishing biomanufacturing industry faces.


Distinguished guest panelists, including Prof. Huimin Zhao (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Dr. Michael Koepke (VP for Synthetic Biology, LanzaTech), Prof. Akihiko Kondo (Kobe University), and Prof. Pablo Carbonell (UPV, Technical University of Valencia), highlighted the potential impact of cutting-edge technologies, such as AI and automation, on biomanufacturing, particularly for protein and metabolic engineering.


Addressing the challenge of product selection and scalability, guest panelists Dr. Doug Cameron (Partner, First Green Partners), Mr. Casey Lippmeier (SVP for Innovation, Conagen), Mr. Francisco Codoñer (CEO, ScaleUp Bio), and Mr. Jim Millis (independent consultant) emphasized the importance of sustainable and cost-effective feedstocks, optimized manufacturing processes, and adequate funding.


Furthermore, in discussing the attraction of public and private investments and the establishment of a sustainable business model for biomanufacturing, guest panelists Mr. Ryan Rakestraw (Director, Agri-Food, Temasek), Dr. Kevin Li (Chairman, MojiaBio), Dr. Guojin Zhang (Founding Partner & Chief Operating Officer, Asia Green Fund), and Dr. Jiang Hong (CTO, NIPSEA Group & Nippon Paint Japan Group) expressed their optimism. Investment institutions are increasingly inclined to support environmentally friendly and sustainable businesses. Progressive industry leaders like NIPSEA actively seek green suppliers.


We are particularly thrilled by these inspiring opinions and suggestions, as they affirm that MojiaBio's business model is sustainable and aligned with the needs of the industry. We have pioneered innovative biomanufacturing practices, including a decarbonization process, and developed platforms with high production performance and low costs. Our achievements are a testament to our commitment to a sustainable future.


As a trailblazer in the field, MojiaBio remains dedicated and laser-focused on driving demand-driven innovation for a sustainable future. All our research endeavors are geared toward meeting market demands for products of high value. We strive to create transformative and paradigm-shifting solutions across various industries. To this end, we have already established an integrated R&D platform, cultivated a deep pipeline of products targeting vast markets, and successfully launched products such as Aliphane® and Viridimin®. We firmly believe in our motto, "Green solutions for a better world."


MojiaBio would like to extend heartfelt appreciation to all participants, particularly distinguished speakers Ow Kai Onn from EDB, Andy Hor from A*Star, Ralph Graichen from Temasek for sharing their insights and support. We look forward to continuing the journey of innovation and collaboration, working hand in hand to build a greener future for generations to come.


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