Corporate PR & Communication Manager


1、Developing and executing corporate communication strategies: To create communication plans that align with the company's overall business objectives. To develop messaging, identify key stakeholders, and determine the appropriate channels to reach them.

2、Building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders: To be responsible for establishing and maintaining positive relationships with stakeholders, including the media, government agencies, customers, and investors. Must be skilled at building trust and managing the company's reputation.

3、Crisis management: To be often the first line of defense in a crisis. Must be able to quickly and effectively respond to any negative publicity or crisis that may affect the company's reputation.

4、Media relations: To be responsible for managing the company's relationship with the media. This includes identifying opportunities for positive media coverage, responding to media inquiries, and managing any negative publicity.

5、Content creation: To create content such as press releases, speeches, and articles to promote the company's message and increase brand awareness.

6、Internal communication: To be responsible for communicating with employees and ensuring they understand the company's messaging and objectives. To support company culture construction internally.  

7、Analytics and measurement: To use data and analytics to measure the effectiveness of the communication strategies and adjust the approach as needed.

8、Branding & Corporate Image: To be responsible for extablishing and maintaining branding and CI for the company, including website, social medias, CI management, sustainability and ESG communication. 

9、PR database: To develop and maintain the database for PR materials including brochures, promotion videos, images, as well as other relevant documents.

10、PR activities: To lead and implement all kinds of PR activities for business purpose and corporate branding purpose, with approved proposal and budget.

11、Stakeholder relationsihp management: To build and manage a good relationship with key stakeholders, including PR vendors, partners, as well as investors.

12、To lead the communication activities on sustainability and ESG topics representing the company.

13、To take care of other tasks assigned by managment.


1、University degree or above, overseas education background/overseas work background is preferred.

2、At least 5 years of similar work experience in corporate communication or marketing communication.

3、Experience of multinational companies in the fields of biosynthesis, chemistry, chemicals, materials, polymers,PR firms, VC firms is preferred.

4、Good understanding of sustainable development concepts or relevant research experience is preferred.

5、A bachelor's degree or above in communications, public relations, or a related field

6、Along with five years of experience in PR or a related field. 

7、Strong writing, communication, and interpersonal skills are essential. 

8、Ability to work under pressure and handle multiple projects simultaneously.

9、Good relationship and network with media with good track record.

10、Creative, confident, dynamic and independent with strong team-working spirit and strong sense of responsibility. 

11、Excellent capability of both English and Mandarin.